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2019 August Bonus

2019 July Bonus


The NEW July BONUS Transfer is "hot off the press" and includes this cute kitty and her, albeit teeny, catch of the day

I'm always amazed at the number of stitching patterns that were produced over the years and just when I think I've seen them all, another little dandy comes along.  Like this one.

A few months back, I was contacted by a stitching friend who had seen this motif embroidered on an old tea towel and asked if I had it.  I didn't; thought maybe it was one of those pre-stamped Vogart towels that were so popular in the 1960's since I couldn't find an actual pattern number for it.  (If anyone reading this has any information about it, please let me know.)  Anyway, I was provided a photo to work from to reproduce it for her. 

Having done that, and tickled with how it turned out, I decided it would make a great summer addition for the 2019 Bonus Collection.  I added a few more details along with the catch phrase and proceeded to stitch one up for my dear cousin who just happens to live on a lake and has spent a lifetime fishing--and loves cats.  It was perfect.


Before personally delivering it to her last week, I snapped a few pictures of it first.  As you can see, it looks quite dashing with my red plaid dish towels as a backdrop. 


So, here we have the July line up. 

Along with kitschy kitty motif, there are darling water ducklings, an apron wearing bear-cub hostess and a few other small embellishments for your stitching pleasure. 

This BONUS transfer is FREE with any purchase from the PatternBee website for the month of July.  After that, it will be added to this year's Bonus Collection (available next year).


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