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Queen_anns_laceEvery summer, mother nature provides us with an ever-changing meadow nearby. It's always a surprise.  Last year it was mostly field daisies.  Before that, teasel and tall grass. This year it's dandelions mingled with Queen Ann's Lace.  To some, only weeds.  But to others, wildflowers!  Certainly miracles.  Rain or shine it takes care of itself.  Gentle breezes make it dance.  Bees and butterflies come and go.  Ladybugs lurk.   Nothing more is needed.  It's free for the taking: a little calm within a chaotic world.  A gift.

Wildflowers_1295It's always interesting to see what 'volunteers' arrive each summer.  Mostly from seeds carried on the wind or dropped by birds and other small critters that have made homes in here.  Lavender and lilies share a stage together, harmonious counterpoints, though their performance is brief.  At the height of the season, and even beyond it, bright colors fade into muted mossy tones and I take joy in every blossom, seed and leaf.  It's always a little sad when the show is over. 

However, I can still preserve a few snippets for remembrance with needle and thread. 

Embroidery_pattern_7300 And, best of all, I can share it with you!  I've made a revised version of a vintage pattern I call, Perennial Garden Quilt #7300.  The original (above) has twenty-four 8" x 8" block motifs connected with lattice strips.  It's a striking quilt on it's own with lots of pattern and variety, and a wonderful companion if you are looking for a big lap-stitching project to while away the hours. 


However, I wanted to make a smaller quilt, like a lap throw, with smaller 5" blocks, so basically I pulled out and resized some of the motifs for this purpose.  Just over forty in all.  Plenty enough variety for my purposes and plenty to share as a "new" pattern I will call:  Field & Forest  #6589


So, that done, I started my project with the dragonfly motif.  These harmless critters come in an array of amazing colors; reds, gold, orange, purple, as well as blues and greens--so anything goes.  Not wanting to get overly technical, colors are just randomly placed.  I'm using a pale silver for the wings which is quite nice.  A plain linen background really makes the colors pop.  I will also be combining blocks with bold background colors too. Dragonfly_embroideryYes, I know...my stitching is a bit loose and messy, but that's the effect I'm going for, so no worries.  Still have a ways to go on this one.  Then ladybugs next. 


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