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February 2017

2017 February Bonus & New Additions


The 2017 February Bonus transfer is up; this month, featuring dainty hearts and a heavenly sleeping cherub.  Oh. How I love long winter naps.  

Also, some new vintage pattern additions for February: 

2016 Bonus Collection 

Petite Florets

Task-A-Day Songbirds

Animals in Action

Rain_chickHugs all around to our dear stitching friends who shared these vintage patterns to add to the site. I've already started working on the new additions for March and April. 

Spring is coming!  We just need to get through February, with its freezing rain and snow, as predicted in the Farmer's Almanac. There's a stiff, cold wind blowing down from the north, whistling through the trees as I write.  B-r-r-r.

A good day to fill up the soup pot and do some fun stitching.

Cheers everybody!