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February 2016

PatternBee 2.0

MC1929gI am pleased to announce that the new PatternBee website is up and running!

With our fingers crossed, it went live over the weekend and so far so good.  I am very proud to say, that it was entirely created from scratch and customized for me by my daughter, Grace (a year in the making), and I think she did a fantastic job.  I am so happy with it.  Oh how it is already making my life a whole lot easier.  I created the graphics and she designed the software.  No sir, no more html for me.  We have moved on with the times. 

We decided not to add tracking cookies to the site.  This feature was built into the (now outdated) yahoo site-builder program.  However we have never collected and shared data, emails or any other personal information and don't intend to so there's no need to make you sign-in with a password to use the site.   

As a result, the shopping cart will no longer remember your selections.  The good news is . . . we have a better shopping cart, still using the Paypal interface that is encrypted and secure.

The search engine is also better--all you need enter is the pattern number and a selection of choices will pop up.  For more advance searches the Pattern Directory is a great feature.  It organizes everything by maker and number.  I love how this database thing works.  You also now have the option of viewing entire categories on one page or can scroll through and view them page by page as before.  

So that's it! 

Now I'll have more time for stitching.