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March 2015

Kitchen Friends

As I sit at my desk picking through my collections of old pattern motifs, I'm honestly amazed at how many embroidery transfers were created between 1930 to 1960; literally hundreds!  And every single company that produced them is gone now with few exceptions.  I often wonder why no credits were given to transfer pattern artists.  There is so little history to glean from.  I've come to suspect that Laura Wheeler, Alice Brooks and other names were fictitious.  There seems to be no trace of them anywhere, except individuals like Ruby McKim whose family has carried on her artistic legacy. 

Moreover, I have always had a hunch that most transfer patterns were created by men cartoonists.  I could be wrong, but this is not out of the realm of possibilities as patterns were mostly distributed by newspapers and newspapers hired cartoonists for a variety of jobs.  And maybe those cartoonists, being mostly men, didn't want their names associated with women's crafts.  And maybe women's names sold more patterns.  I don't know.  Just my thoughts.  It would explain some of the subject material anyway.


Like this very old brilliant Vogart transfer pattern from the 1940's.  Just saying.

Kitchen Friends #195

Woodland China

DC2511_250This vintage pattern for tea-towel embroidery has just been added to the website.  I love that little house tucked into the woods.  The days of the week were added by request, as it seemed a bit sparse on its own.  (Stitch them or ditch them as you like.)  Pattern includes six motifs about 6" x 6". 

Find it here: Woodland China 

Bobba-Loo & Veggies Too


I've been hanging out with this wild and crazy guy and his band of merry musicians for awhile now, meticulously bringing them all back to life, pixel by pixel. 

This vintage pattern set called, The Vitamin Ball Orchestra  is not entirely new to me though. I've had it's counterpart for many years: The Vitamin Ball Characters (c.1936), that I found as a loose sheet without its envelope.  It's nice to see the whole gang back together again.

Thanks to one of my long-time PatternBee customers, Barbara (from California), I almost have the complete set.  She shared her find with me and the best part is I get to share it with you!  I'm still on the lookout for that elusive orchestra player though--wherever he may be.

The characters are many, as well as large, and I've divided them into two groups; dancers and players.  Both patterns are available on the website under Dancing Dishes and Veggie Heads.