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April 2014

North American Birds


Here's another little gem from McCALL (c. 1949) that I've had tucked away in my shoe box.  I've had this pattern for ages, hoping to find another one printed with blue ink--not yellow ink, like this one that was intended for stamping onto darker colors. 

I've found this type of yellow transfer the hardest to reproduce due to the lack of contrast between the color of the paper (yellow with age in this case) and the ink.  

In short, we must proceed delicately in a most persnickety fashion.

JaybirdSo that's just what I did and when all was said and done, it actually came out pretty good! The pattern has been reproduced in three sizes from 2" - 4"; the original size, plus slightly larger and smaller sizes, with an additional set reversed.  So lots of options.  There's also a simple border to use along hems or what have you.  I took a little creative license and included bird titles (in one size) as well.    

North American Birds #1456

Embroidered Animals

More stitching fun with a colorful collection of embroidered animals from McCALL (c. 1947).   It's hard to see the detail from this image, but the KANGAROO has a Joey on board riding in the pouch!  It was suggested on the back of the envelope that the motifs could be used for quilt blocks as they are about 4 to 5 inches in size.  

Embroidered Animals #1380

Playmate Pets

LN7303MOMore treasure from the "shoebox".   I've been working on this one for weeks, quite happily I might add, looking at these cute little faces.  

Simplicity #7303 (c. 1947) is a collection of cute critters for the very young or just the young at heart.  12 designs, plus an extra set reversed.  Motifs are about 3" or so.  Lots of fun stitching for all sorts of little projects.

Playmate Pets #7303