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April 2011

White Violets Transformed


Well now.  I actually have a little bit of a sewing project to share today.  It seems like such a long time since I actually made something for the house, and although it's not a huge thing, it's something.  Remember white violets on linen?  Here's what has became of that little stitchery--it has been transformed  into a new "spring" pillow sleeve, to replace winter.  At long last.  It does feel good to be looking at flowers again.  In any form. 


This was actually one of the winter projects that was featured in my book, Embroidery Craft:: Stitching Through the Seasons, under "Seasonal Pillow Sleeve" (pages 48-49), in case you are wondering how to make it; although it's pretty easy to work out just by looking.   

I found the wide gross-grain ribbon at a thrift shop some time ago.  I loved the color and was waiting for just the right project to use it--I think it works perfectly here.   Hand-carved mother-of-pearl buttons (made from abalone shells) are nice to display and enjoy on a pillow too.  Because matching ones are rarities in my button box.  So--a good way to use the "old maids".  Besides, they add charm & character, don't ya think?

White Flowers on Linen

Switching gears, but keeping with the flower theme this week---I took a little detour from the STATE FLOWER pattern blocks with this project over the weekend.  This delightful bouquet is part of the free-with-purchase bonus transfer for April 2011.  I used a long & short stitch for the filled areas (instead of a tighter satin-stitch), and I love the effect.  My plan for this is forthcoming--as I hope to get back to some serious sewing soon!