2010 December Bonus
2011 March Bonus Pattern

Snowball Scarf


I have to say, I am pretty pleased with how this "snowball" scarf turned out.  And it was pretty simple.  Which is just the very best kind of sewing!   

I started with two strips of cotton flannel 46"x 9".  Next I embellished both ends with a little embroidery--these particular motifs are from my 2011 January Bonus.  

Both pieces were joined with an overcast stitch to eliminate fraying.  The sides were doubled over about 1/4-inch and stitched with a wide zigzag.  The effect of using a wide stitch leaves a nice soft edge--perfect for this type of scarf.  The bottom edge was turned under twice about 1/2"; ball fringe was stitched across the top edge.  

I liked the texture of the band--but you could hide it underneath if you like.  A nice thing about adding this type of trim, besides the *cute factor* is that it adds weight to a scarf that would otherwise have little drape.  The flannel is cozy, yet light as a feather. 

The ball-fringe trim was salvaged from an old cotton bedspread I picked up from a yard sale for a couple dollars.  The bedspread wasn't in great condition, but parts of it were usable and in the bargain were yards and yards of this fantastic cotton ball-fringe.  (Individually they make cute cotton-tails on stuffed bunnies too!) 


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