2010 January Bonus
Snowball Scarf

2010 December Bonus


It was time to put my State Flower Quilt blocks aside for the time being to make way for these scrumptious morsels of goody goodness. They're my new (free-with-purchase) 2010 BONUS transfers for December and I love them!  

I know how much some of you look forward to these little surprises each month--and I so enjoy creating something to fit the moment, the season, or the sweet tooth.  So there ya go.  I just uploaded them to the PatternBee website where they will be available until the end of the month and then something new will replace them on January 1, 2011.  Then all the bonus designs for 2010 will be bundled into one collection and made available by Valentine's Day.  You can find past BONUS COLLECTIONS HERE

For inquiring minds...I used 4-5 delicious strands in outline and back-stitching for most of the designs here.  3 strands for small details, like stripes on the candy canes, faces and lettering.   

The designs are not necessarily limited to towels either, you could use them on a pillowcase, or individually to decorate other items.  

I think it's time to bake some cookies! 



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