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Why is it that when you buy queen-size sheet sets you get standard-size pillowcases?  I always end up having to find (similar) king-size ones that can be modified to fit our queen size pillows.  These were a pair I found that had to be cut down.  And while I had them on my sewing table I decided to give them a little flourish.  

The monograms are from Modern Handcraft (1950's).  I wanted to keep the letters simple so trimmed off the side flourishes before stamping them. 

Sometimes I'm asked what's the best way to place a monogram or a motif on a pillowcase.  Here are a few tips: 

Find the center of the pillowcase by folding it in half lengthwise and press lightly with an iron to make a crease.  Open it up to find the center line.  Then fold your transfer design in half lengthwise matching the edges of the lines as close as possible.  Unfold, and match it up with the crease lines on the pillowcase. 

I placed my motifs about an inch above that bottom seam.  Pin if necessary, and then stamp your design with a hot iron.  Work the stitches in a diagonal direction, using a satin stitch, taking note of the natural flow of written letters and how they overlap.  It didn't make any difference for the G, but was necessary for the V

Note my stitches aren't perfect and yours probably won't be either.  But it's OK.  It's just a pillowcase.  After a few washings the stitches seem to find their place and settle in. 

Calligraphy ABC #0621


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