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July 2006

Play Block Bluework Quilt

100_9941aA few years ago, this sweet unfinished fifty year-old quilt top was found in a box at an estate sale, along with the original pattern and the remaining scraps of fabric. For someone who relishes finishing old quilts and restoring old patterns, how lucky can you get?  Everything was there. 

100_0052aI was able to use the pattern templates and the remnant cloth to cut out and piece together the missing section at the top and on two sides.  The central portion, with the embroidery, was all hand-pieced with the tiniest of stitches. I can only imagine the work that went into doing that. I did my best to match everything up.  Somehow it all came together, despite my lack of experience in piecing diamonds and squares. This was definitely a learning curve for me.

100_0045aI lined it with cotton batting and quilted it by hand.  The bright pink binding framed and finished it nicely I think.  M585-envThe pattern is a McCALL Kaumagraph transfer pattern (c. 1938).  The combination of squares and diamonds in light and dark colors creates an optical illusion of baby blocksThe pattern includes 26 four-inch alphabet motifs for embroidery on the blocks, but these motifs can also be used on other nursery items.

Play Block Bluework Quilt Pattern #585