Pups and Puns


In this adorable Vogart pattern from the 1950's we have a cute puppy motif and quip for each day of the week to brighten up plain kitchen towels and other kitchen accessories.


I made these towels several years ago and love how they turned out.  The addition of fabric borders add to the charm.  The pattern calls for simple stitches; Outline and Single stitches, Lazy-Daisy and French Knots with Satin stitch for eyes, nose and mouth.  Fun and easy to do!

Vogart 271 Pups N Puns


Bonus Design for February


It's February, a short but sweet month with Valentine's Day snuggled nice and cozy in the middle--providing the inspiration for this collection of adorable vintage motifs.  FREE with any purchase this month from either of my PatternBee online shops.