Pups and Puns


In this adorable Vogart pattern from the 1950's we have a cute puppy motif and quip for each day of the week to brighten up plain kitchen towels and other kitchen accessories.


I made these towels several years ago and love how they turned out.  The addition of fabric borders add to the charm.  The pattern calls for simple stitches; Outline and Single stitches, Lazy-Daisy and French Knots with Satin stitch for eyes, nose and mouth.  Fun and easy to do!

Vogart 271 Pups N Puns


Bonus Design for February


It's February, a short but sweet month with Valentine's Day snuggled nice and cozy in the middle--providing the inspiration for this collection of adorable vintage motifs.  FREE with any purchase this month from either of my PatternBee online shops.  


Bonus Design for November


Two cute designs for dishtowels.  These vintage anthro characters will surely perk things up in the kitchen!  Make them with or without an applique heart.  Leaves are also optional, but add an element of Fall charm if desired.


BONUS Design for October


As fall leaves and cool autumn breezes change the landscape from summer to fall, it's time to cook up some favorite warming meals to usher in the season.  This month's (free with purchase) bonus pattern offers fun stitching with a pair of dishtowel motifs to announce home-cooked goodness!