Bonus Design for November


Two cute designs for dishtowels.  These vintage anthro characters will surely perk things up in the kitchen!  Make them with or without an applique heart.  Leaves are also optional, but add an element of Fall charm if desired.


BONUS Design for October


As fall leaves and cool autumn breezes change the landscape from summer to fall, it's time to cook up some favorite warming meals to usher in the season.  This month's (free with purchase) bonus pattern offers fun stitching with a pair of dishtowel motifs to announce home-cooked goodness!


2021 BONUS Design for June

6-BONUS Image

With June bloom all around us there is so much to appreciate in the garden; a pretty vintage pillowcase motif with baskets and butterflies adds a nice touch to the bedroom linens.


BEE Cool


This cute tea-towel design is an old favorite from Vogart.  (Available as a reprinted iron-on transfer on my website here and in my Etsy shop here.)