May Bonus Pattern

5 BONUS IMAGEThis month we have Spring showers, May flowers and the usual visitor romping and chomping through the garden!  The long flower motifs can be used to trim pillowcases or a table cloth.  Or you can embroider the entire motif to frame or create a pretty crewel pillow top.

March Bonus Pattern

3 BONUS IMAGEThe three vintage decorative labels at the top can be personalized with initials or a date to sew onto the back of big projects like quilts or other things that you want to "sign" or leave a maker-identity etc.  Stamp to cloth large enough to fit inside a small embroidery hoop, do the embroidery then cut out label leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance around the edges to turn under; use a blind-stitch to sew it to your project like an applique.  The cross stitch designs are unique and fun for kids!